Saturday, August 2, 2008

SAP Labs

When i stepped in those revolving doors of SAP Labs India I had never felt this is actually a revolution for my professional life. Some notable changes I experienced
1. No dress code :) Yuppy
2. No minimum hours of work !
3. No swipe in/ swipe out
4. Free food !
5. Free travel.
Below are some of professional differences
6. No BENCH period, I can never forget 6 months of my bench life in Infy.
7. No concept like admin rights to computer, printer access.
8. Unblocked 24*7 internet.
9. Foreigners as colleagues, In Infy foreigners were our clients.
10. Being a product company, the business is not 'Client driven'.
11. Greater scope for innovation
Till now its been a wonderful time with SAP Labs India. Hope things will be good for me always
PS- Beautiful scenic fountain cum pond just behind my cubicle

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