Monday, September 22, 2008

Little sister Pooja

{Retro pick- From my old blog}
27 july i make her cry
when love in my heart went dry
soon i realised,she's my sister of pride,
and not horse of ride,thinking which i cried,
she's the person to inspire,
with face with a smile
she's the person for life
my sweet sister never cry
It was a bad day for me on 27 july.the day when i had a small cold war with my little sister.before sleeping i got this poetry.i went a little rude over my sister and made her angry and eventually both ended up on tears.this anger is one emotion which causes lots of did it yesterday night.i did become a little selfish thats the reason i said "horse of ride" because in a race the emotions of the horse is never respected its only the happiness of others...sister if you are reading this , sorry little sister for whatever happened last night. you still occupy the sacred position in my heart

55 words story- Joy in Pain

She started to find joy in that pain. It was a few months since it started, it increased with time and she knew it would worsen in the days to come, but still she wanted to feel the pain and enjoy the experience. After they decided to have a baby, everyday was a new experience.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

55 word story-Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

Their friendship had matured into love; neither of them knew it, they shared everything, every pain every happiness. He said he wants to get married and his parents are looking for bride. She was hurt, she also registered herself in matrimony for marriage, His marriage was finally fixed, his parents arranged his marriage with her.

Friday, September 5, 2008

55 Word Story- The letter

Friday performance review was good from their side but manager expressed dissatisfaction.” Come Monday I shall take a decision” he said. Monday they entered their cubicle with fear, they had a letter on the desk. They knew it was their contract termination letter.
It read "congratulations you are now permanent employees with us."

55 word story- The demand fulfilled

Two months of agony, pain, protest and hunger strike had come to the end, finally the request was promised to be fulfilled next day. She had a sleepless night. Morning she woke up early and eagerly waited. Trin trin, her father finally came home with a new bicycle for the kid. Her smile touched ears.

Monday, September 1, 2008

No sense= non sense

Code, build, wait wait wait, code complied with 13 errors.
M- What do you see?
H- I think whatever we have coded is special!
M- Why, 13 it is unlucky right?
H- Number 13 is the smallest prime number which can be expressed as the sum of the squares of two prime numbers i.e.
13 = 22 + 32
Where 2, 3, 13 are prime numbers. So it is special.
M- wow.