Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The "she" in life

I bought a new pulsar couple months ago. One of my friend asked why i bought the bike. I gave him a reason- "I never knew how to ride a bike so I wanted to learn it in my lifetime I wished to have a bike of my own". Although this is a valid reason I found to tell everyone who asked this question but the real reason is "she" wanted me to buy a black pulsar.
A women has so much of an influence in a mans life. After "she" entered my life my hair, dress, eating everything has changed. I started to compromise in everything I did on my wish till now (I don't have any complaints about this). I am wondering if same is the case with her too.
Yesterday I attended a wedding reception I looked myself and was surprised- shoe "her choice", jeans "her choice", shirt the one "she" gifted, hair style because "she" likes, mobile "she" choose, bike "her choice", bike's key chain "she" gifted. WHERE IS MY IDENTITY !!!