Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pride and Shame

28 years was a long time to wait, but it was worth, India had won the world cup and yes we were the world champions There was one country, as we cheered for our country we set aside the kannadiga, the maharastrian, the malayali, the tamilian, the delhite, the gujju etc etc we were one bleeding blue. There was one flag, there was one cheer there was one feeling, there was oneness. The pride doubled
As i set to return home I met many people shouting and jubilating. I was enjoying the shouts too. But suddenly I was stopped by a mob, stopping vehicles and forcing them to say 'bharat mata ki, jai'. With daaru in stomach, cricket in mind the nasha seemed to have doubled, throwing crackers on random they had gone crazy The proud feeling melted as i started to sweat in fear. I only wanted to reach home safe, there was police to restore decency.
Prided zeroed as I read Gujarat govt honors the gujju players with something, delhi govt honors the delhi player with something else, the karnataka govt honors karnataka player with something else.