Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Girl in the window

You meet a lot of people during your daily travel. Stranger yet your companion. This story is about one such companion, Pink.
Pink is about 3 year old cute girl. Pink is not her name, it is just what I refer her as. I call her so because she has got that natural pink cheeks. The chubbiness makes it more adorable
I see her almost every day from my office shuttle. She stays in an old house near the Frazer town signal. She puts her head on the window and keeps waving 'bye' to the all the passerby. Some respond back, some don't even notice.
She waves me bye every day. Sometimes when I am busy talking with my shuttle mates, I curse myself later for not having seen her that day.

One day I am going to my office in my bike. I am disappointed; pink isn't seen at the window that day. As the signal turns green we rush, there is a race between the bikers. 'Uncle' I hear from my back. Suddenly I stop to turn back, expecting to see Pink. There is a sudden scream from the front; the biker next to me who had just overtaken is hit by a speeding truck. I rush to attend the biker, he is bleeding badly. We call up 108 and next 15 minutes is spent in his first aid.
Later in the day while relaxing it strikes to me that, if I hadn't heard Pink calling 'uncle' and I would have been hit by the truck. May be I would have been dead by now. 
I decide to take a chocolate and a doll, give it to Pink and thank her. I knock the door. A young adult attends the door. I introduced myself and narrate the whole story. I tell him that I have got chocolate to give it to the small girl.
He laughs, says there is not kid in the house. They are 6 bachelors staying in the house for the past 3 years.

"There is no kid in the house" kept resonating my ears for the next few days. I was sleepless after that day. 

It must have been about a fortnight, the same signal a man standing next to me says, "Are you the same person who admitted that guy when he was hit by a lorry?” I said "yes, how do you know?” He said "I was also standing in the signal that day, my vehicle did not start". He continued "If my vehicle had started and if you hadn't stopped suddenly then we both would also be lying around in hospital today".
I got curious; I asked him "Do you know why I stopped? Did you see any girl calling me?". He said "No, I did not see anyone nor did I hear anything. Whatever it is, it saved you buddy"
I want to find out the truth, the girl exists or does not exist? Is it some wandering soul, did any small girl die in that house? Has she become an Angel now? Did the angel save me?

I am so much into it that I start to ignore my personal life, my professional life is affected. Worried, my wife decides to take me to a psychiatrist. The doctor puts me on a medication, I am somewhat normal.
One day I am discussing this with my shuttle mate Pavan. He laughs out and says, you waved at someone at Frazer town signal? Daily? No way, you are deep asleep then. Acute pain passes my spine. That answers; I see her, wave at her only when I am not talking to Pavan. Meaning I see her, wave at her only when I am sleeping!!

 I go back home and rush to my doctor, I tell him “Pink is only my dream”. My wife and the Doctor smile and say yes we know, until now you just did not accept it. He takes the prescription and scratches out the medicines and says "you are fine now"

Pink might not have existed in reality but indeed she was an angel, she saved my life.

Update: Just as I write this story, I see Pink in the window of her house waving bye and blowing a flying kiss

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pool rugby

Engrossed, we played the water rugby, the dried leaves in the pool looked like fishes. After a while I noticed that the leaves are all gone. “Pretty good pool purifier they have”, I remarked. “Goooaalll” remarked Ranjitha. My attention was on my legs, I see a leaf imprint, from within the skin, moving deep in

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Give yourself to the dark side

He asked for my blog’s link. Click, Hooked to the stories, he finishes reading all stories in no time. Next morning he gets into the shuttle, sees all the fellow shuttle mates’ eyes red, the long canine teeth. But he isn't scared he greets them with a feeble roar.

The dark side infests another innocent.