Friday, December 14, 2012

The Rhythmic Thud

My husband stopped and went to tell the other car to dip his harsh headlight. I just heard rhythmic thud sound after that. My brother came in rush asked me to get into his car without asking any questions. As we passed by, I see someone banging my husband’s bodiless head to the other car

Thursday, December 13, 2012

mid night hunger

It's strange to be in a park in middle of night. It is stranger to be seated next to a unknown. Both wanted the other one to start the conversation. She tuned towards me her blood dripping teeth were a disappointment for me as I had bigger fangs. Both had to spend the night hungry

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Teleporter, their greatest invention. They wanted to gift it to their teacher their mentor, on his birthday. Their guru opened his eyes for the alarm ring.  Two young girls rushed screaming. Behind them was the spiked hair young boy with a huge gift box in his hands. It read “happy tutu appa- Sum, Sim, Gav”

Thursday, August 23, 2012


She joined FBI for a reason, find her father’s murderer. Through those glasses she could not only see things better but also read mind. Hundreds’ of cases hence she solved. Special was her respected boss. He had mastered the art of forgetting things. So had he done with the incident where he killed her father?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Train Murderer

Mumbaikars are living in the fear of this brutal murder. Police have no clue and it has been a fortnight and the murderer is living in the city, free. Death after death but the state is the same No correlation, no motive no clue.
Young Sonal is returning from her college farewell party, she panics as she read “Psychopath finds his eleventh victim, another 18 year college girl hacked to death in Mumbai local”. Middle aged Mamatha signals at Sonal looking at the only other passenger in their coach. He is red eyes, dark and shabby. Fears elopes the two. They want to get down at the next station. Their eyes widen in surprise as the stranger man steps up to get down.
A sign of relief for the two. Sonal smiles, but it is Mamatha’s evil laugh that shivers Sonal’s guts. Mamatha makes her pray count to complete the dozen

{Inspired from infy blogger Ranjith Nair}

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Arvind Eshwaran is a trekking freak, a scientist at the prestigious National Research Lab. He believes there is no god and preaches it. He spends his weekends at some trekking place and celebrates end of day at 1522 pub. Once while hiking at Bandekote he meets Bilva a person dressed completely in khavi with a half a feet beard, goes without saying that he is a saint. The sudden thunderous storm makes AE and Bilva meet at the mountain cave. Two minutes of silence is followed by an ice breaking general talk turned into debate between the atheist AE and god man Bilva. The argument only stops with the rain, just before they leave Bilva says "Son, your life will change drastically in coming days. Keep this leaf with you, it will help". AE reluctantly takes it and dumps it in his bag and gets back to his tent.

About 15 days later
His experiment needs malgum centinide a rare chemical that needs to be imported from Germany. He calls up his college friend and order it. Exhausted for the day he starts driving back home an uprooted tree blocks his way. He comes out of the car to clear his way. The tree's leaf reminds him of something. It is the same tree's leaf that Bilva had given him.
A week passes by
His school teacher meet him and invites him as the chief guest for the school annual day function. Coincidence he is asked to plant the same tree. Puzzled AE goes back home and surfs the net for this tree. Reads about it.
Awestruck with what he finds in the internet as he read "Euclasia as it is scientifically called is a rich source of  malgum centinide abundantly grown near the upa sangama"
Packs his bag and unable to reason the incidents relating to Euclasia decides to drive to the foot hills of Himalayas where River Ganga is joined by River Daati commonly called Upa sangama.

He nails the last hook of his tent amidst the mini forest of Euclasia. Come out of the tent and experiences sudden darkness, Soon all his senses stop responding.

AE wakes up, unable to recollect what happened walks back to his tent. He is stinking, usually clean shaved AE has a long beard. He notices the unusual silence of the valley, his cellphone is out of charge, looks at his watch, it reads Dec 25. Holy shit I had come here on Dec 12. what happened to me 13 days was I hibernated. He is in a blank state, he desperately want to go back home. He finds no one on the road. Petrol pumps empty of people, he sees only dust and dust everywhere. He gets back to his lab. Collects the omnipresent dust. He is dumbstruck to find out that the dust is dried humans. On the 12 Dec the silicon mixed with the atmosphere's oxygen and the resulting silicon oxide caused the genocide of the human race, animals were neither spared. He survived probably because he was near malgum centinide which acted as an antidote. He closes his eyes and prays "Oh god, I want life to be normal, I cannot live like this any long. Please help me"

He hears a familiar voice. "Son I told you your life will change".

AE wakes up, he is near the tent at the Bandekote, runs back to the tent to see the date is 13th Dec. He feels a very heavy head. Puzzled what is happening to him looks at himself in the mirror.

"Son !". A mixed emotion of anger and blankness creeps in when he sees Bilva walking near him. Before AE reacts Bilva apologized and says "Son, you are not an atheist, I just wanted to prove it to you ". You were just hallucinated because of the leaf I gave you and it just made you realize you are a believer of god.