Monday, September 22, 2014

|| world

Peter was fascinated by the parallel world, another world somewhere in this universe just like us, or may be even better. He quit his job to find one such world. The society branded him insane. His friends exclaimed why on earth you want to find out about another earth
Peter was a stubborn kid. He grew up with the stubbornness. He wanted to prove something to the society.
During his research he figured out that to search for a parallel world one needs so.ething that can travel faster than light.  Books, universities, professors, internet none of it provided him answer. His frustration grew day by day. His grandpa saw his franstration in the form or dark circles unattended beard. Once well dresses corporate executive now looked like a mad man
His grandpa one day asked Peter as to what was bothering him. Mocking his grandpa's academic knowledge his said 'I want something that travels faster than light'
With a subtle smile on his face he said thought.. Thoughts travel faster than light
Peter hugged his grandpa tight. The old man sighed and murmered you don't need a degree to know it.
20 years passed by that day. Peter was missing. His family and friends think he is dead but the insurance company and police think he is missing as his body is not found yet. He now only lives in the thoughts of his family and friends. Thought which sometimes proclaim that wherever he is he is happy... Somewhere in a PARALLEL WORLD.

For believer's... Peter could invent a way to transport himself to another world. He was happy and sometimes when he wanted to talk he used his used his thoughts

For nonbeliever's... Depressed of not being able to find the parallel world Peter ended his life. What remained was only his thoughts