Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where is the media heading towards?

Find the difference between the two.
As images, you might see N number of differences, but ethically there are no differences at all.
How? First picture as it says was clicked by renowned photographer Kevin Carter. His role as journalist was not over by just clicking the photo he failed to provide justice to the news he was capturing. His ambition made him selfish to abandon the hunger stricken child after his JOB was done, when he realized this he committed suicide. If Indian journalist can read between lines they should also follow Kevin after reading this. What they are doing is "Manufacturing" news before reporting them. Allowing such an inhuman incident to happen and using this as "Breaking news" to sell their News for more than a week from now is Unethical. Had the information the journalist got in prior been used to complain to the police and stopping such an incident happen would have been left those many news channels starving to showcase their prime time entertainment.

Image courtesy- and Times Now

Monday, January 26, 2009

Morality -Ram sena and the Media

Yes, Ram sevaks in news again. This time it was their attack of on a pub in Magalore.
Hearing to this news, it hurt me in two ways. First the act, morality is a subject matter of ones personal interest and we don’t need moral police to enforce their view of morality. If anyone feels such pubs are immoral or illegal please move to court or complain to police instead of taking law in hands. It might be argued that the police are in their pockets and nothing can be done on these, in which case fight against the government/ police.
Second the way media is hyping this incident, please I agree this is not right and is an act of human right violation but there are more important incidents like the R-Day celebration to be in headlines than showing the saw insane footage over and over again. I would rather see the brave heart’s widows/ mothers receiving the Ashoka Chakra instead of the Mangalore pub attack. Please improve your morality and stop hyping anything and everything Hindu activists are doing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

55 words obsession

I have been writing these stories which have just 55 words in them. When I read them I feel a sense of achievement that I can convey something in 55 words. But here I am writing this article not to convey anything but to just add another 55 word article in my blog. Happy Reading

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad New Year

The Swami predicted that world shall come to an end on 1-1-2009 00:00:00. Everyone worried as his predictions never ever went wrong. As everyone were about to rejoice at 1-1-2009 00:00:00 as they felt the Swami was wrong this time, a killer flash ripped through. His prediction had come true but late by 1 second.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


It was shocking to believe that recession in the Western world especially US and Europe has resulted in a poor guy from a remote village in Karnataka, India lose his job. Yes you read it right. But even I was curious to learn how.

About 16 year old guy called Shankara from a remote village Aghanashini in Kumta district Karnataka was employed in a boat house in Allapy Kerala an favorite holiday destination for the foreign tourist in Kerala. Because of recession and fear of losing jobs both national and international tourist opted to have a simple holiday season and stayed home or visited nearby places and hence Allapy witness peak fall in business, consequence the boat house owners decided to sack it employees and Shankara was one among them.

After listening to this all I can say is, truly our country is globalised