Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where is the media heading towards?

Find the difference between the two.
As images, you might see N number of differences, but ethically there are no differences at all.
How? First picture as it says was clicked by renowned photographer Kevin Carter. His role as journalist was not over by just clicking the photo he failed to provide justice to the news he was capturing. His ambition made him selfish to abandon the hunger stricken child after his JOB was done, when he realized this he committed suicide. If Indian journalist can read between lines they should also follow Kevin after reading this. What they are doing is "Manufacturing" news before reporting them. Allowing such an inhuman incident to happen and using this as "Breaking news" to sell their News for more than a week from now is Unethical. Had the information the journalist got in prior been used to complain to the police and stopping such an incident happen would have been left those many news channels starving to showcase their prime time entertainment.

Image courtesy- and Times Now

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