Monday, January 26, 2009

Morality -Ram sena and the Media

Yes, Ram sevaks in news again. This time it was their attack of on a pub in Magalore.
Hearing to this news, it hurt me in two ways. First the act, morality is a subject matter of ones personal interest and we don’t need moral police to enforce their view of morality. If anyone feels such pubs are immoral or illegal please move to court or complain to police instead of taking law in hands. It might be argued that the police are in their pockets and nothing can be done on these, in which case fight against the government/ police.
Second the way media is hyping this incident, please I agree this is not right and is an act of human right violation but there are more important incidents like the R-Day celebration to be in headlines than showing the saw insane footage over and over again. I would rather see the brave heart’s widows/ mothers receiving the Ashoka Chakra instead of the Mangalore pub attack. Please improve your morality and stop hyping anything and everything Hindu activists are doing.

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