Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Train Murderer

Mumbaikars are living in the fear of this brutal murder. Police have no clue and it has been a fortnight and the murderer is living in the city, free. Death after death but the state is the same No correlation, no motive no clue.
Young Sonal is returning from her college farewell party, she panics as she read “Psychopath finds his eleventh victim, another 18 year college girl hacked to death in Mumbai local”. Middle aged Mamatha signals at Sonal looking at the only other passenger in their coach. He is red eyes, dark and shabby. Fears elopes the two. They want to get down at the next station. Their eyes widen in surprise as the stranger man steps up to get down.
A sign of relief for the two. Sonal smiles, but it is Mamatha’s evil laugh that shivers Sonal’s guts. Mamatha makes her pray count to complete the dozen

{Inspired from infy blogger Ranjith Nair}

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Kiran Bhat said...

Expect the unexpected eh??