Monday, September 22, 2008

Little sister Pooja

{Retro pick- From my old blog}
27 july i make her cry
when love in my heart went dry
soon i realised,she's my sister of pride,
and not horse of ride,thinking which i cried,
she's the person to inspire,
with face with a smile
she's the person for life
my sweet sister never cry
It was a bad day for me on 27 july.the day when i had a small cold war with my little sister.before sleeping i got this poetry.i went a little rude over my sister and made her angry and eventually both ended up on tears.this anger is one emotion which causes lots of did it yesterday night.i did become a little selfish thats the reason i said "horse of ride" because in a race the emotions of the horse is never respected its only the happiness of others...sister if you are reading this , sorry little sister for whatever happened last night. you still occupy the sacred position in my heart

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