Saturday, August 9, 2008

Speed governor !!

By now all Bangaloreans/ Bengalooreans must have been affected by this. Lorry and cab strike in protest of the regulation which asks all the yellow board vehicles to include speed governor in them! Initially what I thought was this-strike-is-meaningless. Here I make my piece of understanding. Inclusion of speed governor in vehicle means drop in pick up and speed in vehicles. This might sound good in terms of the bringing down the mortality rate in accidents. I dont see it to the the solution though. Come let’s see some of major accident causers and solutions for it. Over speed & recklessness, Intoxicated Drive, 'Transport infrastructure' and Cellphone driveInstead of making speed governor mandatory, educate the drivers make them more responsible drivers. Most of deaths in accident happen because one of the accident participants is drunk. It’s very unfortunate when someone hears that the death is caused of the sober person. There are laws to bring this intact, enforce it strictly instead of bringing new laws. Three parts compose for 'Transport infrastructure'. One, vehicle (the running condition of the vehicle). Two, the signaling system. Three, the transport surface, road or air or rail. Little is in the hands of any regulation for the first one. The latter two are completely in-hands of the government.
Lastly there are laws which prohibit use of cellphone while you are driving, But how many of us follow it? How concerned is the police authority to punish this violation
Accidents /Death happen even if you are driving at 40kmph, what’s required is to eliminate the cause of it. With this piece of article I urge the authorities to implement the existing law with strict governance instead of bringing in new laws which will ultimately remain in books.

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