Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gowri Miss

Fifteen years ago when I was in my 3rd standard, ‘Gowri miss’ was our class teacher, although she taught English we learnt something more than that. She taught discipline and values in life.
She had her own ways of teaching morals to us. She never beat us or yelled at us. I would like to share one such incident. Girish, was the undisciplined of all. He always had long and dirty nails, in spite she never scolded him, instead she bought a nail cutter and kept it in our class room and he was suppose to sit on ground in front of all and cut nails. Once he sat on ground in front of the whole class cutting nails he would miss writing down the ‘class work’ stuff, he would miss the cursive writing home work and the most important the humiliation he faced. He felt outcaste in the class. This automatically brought in a sense of responsibility and discipline in him. He definitely missed the English taught that day but he learnt something more important for life- the discipline.
Even today when I meet her she has the same charm and smile in her face. She has educated us not made us a mere literate. All of us are proud that we had a teacher like her.

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