Monday, November 10, 2014

Bridge bet

Basavanapura, a small village en-route from Mysore towards holy town Nanjangood. The village was known for its serenity. River Kabini made the village ever green. Until recently, one had to use the launch boat to cross the river. Passing by vehicles were loaded onto the platform like looking boat to cross the river. After a lot of struggle the government had constructed a bridge here.


Ramu Gowda was a localite.  He worked as an office boy at the village bank.  He loved spending time alone under the bridge. Playing games, singing song, all alone, it was his private space.

Siddu was from the nearby Mysore town. He was visiting his uncle, who was recently posted to the village as the bank manager. Siddu and Ramu met each other at a bank function. Acquaintance turned to friendship.
Siddu found good company in Ramu. They were often seen hanging out together. Once Ramu took Siddu to his hideout, a small vent by the side of the bridge. This had now become their meeting point, their 'adda'
The bridge was a famous landmark village. River Kabini flowed through the rocky patch to her fullest. This created scenic spot in the village. Despite the beauty villagers feared going to this place. They claimed it haunted. There have been several accidents by the bridge. It was a usual to see a vehicle tragically fallen off the bridge with everyone in the vehicle dead. All these accidents happened on the Amavasya, the no moon day.

It was one such mornings when Siddu was in the village saw a two wheeler crushed between the rock. Ramu said "The bridge takes its next victim". Siddu replied "This is no ghost deed". "I don't believe in these nonsense" he added. Ramu said "Bet? You lose, you lose your life. I lose I pay you 10grands."

Next Amavasya Siddu plunged in his bike and hit out to win the bet. His gut shivered as he passed by the bridge. "This was easiest way I made 10grands". With the adrenaline rush he moved over bridge back and forth. He then noticed Ramu sitting nearby the milestone 'Mysore 13km'.
Siddu was scared to see Ramu sitting there smiling. Siddu mockingly said, "'You came here to check if I have come here or not? See I win, you can pay me in installment". Ramu laughed and said "Here, take it, There aren't any installments in my bet"

Next day Ramu was passing by the tea shop. He saw the local newspaper it read "Another young man from Mysore loses his life at the Basavanapura bridge". Ramu whispered, there are no installments

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