Saturday, February 23, 2008

H&M..Mars Venus

M- I am fed up here, I wanna go back
K- But...
M- You promised me you will let me go when ever I feel like
K- Ok...freeeeeeeemmmmmm
M turns into a normal human
M; In the Elliot's beach, chennai
M(thinking)- What has happened to this place!? Why there are on eunuchs here
M calls H
M- Where are you?
H- Hey M, how are you? where are you?
M- I am in Elliot beach, this place has changed
H- Ya, lot of things happend after you left; you never read news paper?
M- No i was singing all the time, unaware of what is happening here
H- There was war between Men and women, Now men live in Mars and women in Venus
M- what do i do now?
H- Catch a shuttle to Mars and come...See you soon..Ciao

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